How do I disable the EOL of my phone or tablet?

Google has started a new feature to prevent the ELL from triggering after the manufacturer has already closed the device.

This means that if you’ve purchased a phone, tablet or other device with a warranty and you’ve not received your device back, the EO won’t trigger and it will be locked down. 

You can still access the device from any location and all your data is preserved, but you’ll need to disable the feature. 

Here’s how to disable EOL on the Google Assistant for Android. 

From the Google Play Store, open Settings.

Under Settings, tap the Show all apps menu option.

Tap the Show All Apps button to open the app.

From here, tap Disable and confirm that you want to disable this feature.

Then tap OK.

If you want the feature to stay enabled after you disable it, tap OK and then restart the phone.

You’ll see an alert when the EOMO feature is disabled. 

Alternatively, you can find the list of all apps for your device by visiting  Google Play and clicking the  About This Device tab. 

The list will display an option to turn the EOO feature off.

This will keep your phone or device from triggering EOMOS, but won’t disable the device’s EOL.

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