‘We Are The One’: Why Apple is ‘The Most Important Company in America’

Apple is “the most important company in America” because “we’ve got the best people in the world,” President Donald Trump said Wednesday, while blasting the tech company as “the enemy of America.”

“The enemy of the American people, the enemy of all the American workers, is Apple,” Trump said at a rally in Mobile, Alabama.

“And we’re the ones that’ve got to stop it.”

In a fiery speech, Trump also accused Apple of being a “global menace” and a “very evil company.”

He also called out Apple for failing to properly address the rise of ransomware attacks, calling out the company for failing “to protect our people.”

“We are the ones who are suffering,” Trump told supporters.

“We are not the ones paying for it.

We are not being robbed.

We’re not being exploited.

We don’t get a fair shake.””

They have no interest in protecting our people,” Trump added.

“They are the enemy.”

The president, who has a history of taking on companies like Apple, is known for taking shots at tech companies and has repeatedly slammed companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.

He is also facing a growing number of lawsuits against the company over patent violations.

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