GOP nominee says GOP nominee is a ‘white nationalist’ but still says ‘black lives matter’

On Tuesday, the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, called out Sen. Bernie Sanders for using the term “white nationalist.”

“He said ‘white nationalism,'” Trump told CNN on Tuesday.

“That’s what he’s doing.

That’s what I’m doing.

I’m going to say white nationalism, I’m not going to be silent.

And I’ll say that, as a Republican, I have to say that.”

Sanders has since changed his tune.

“I am not a white nationalist,” he told reporters.

“It was a misquote.

I don’t believe he is,” Sanders added.

“It’s an offensive term.”

Sanders was responding to Trump’s comment that he should have “said something about white supremacy.”

He then suggested that Sanders’ use of the term could have hurt his chances of winning the nomination.

“He has made clear his intention to use the term, which he would do again in the general election,” Sanders said, adding that the party needs to stand up for the marginalized communities of color.

“The Democratic Party is not going away.

It has to be in the tradition of the Republican Party,” he added.

Sanders said that he’s a “big fan” of the alt-right movement and that he doesn’t “want to see any form of racism or bigotry in our country.”

“But, if I’m president, I am not going, I can tell you that,” he continued.

“You cannot make the mistake of talking about racial equality, or racial justice.

You cannot do that in the party.”

Sanders said he thinks that the country needs to move forward as a country without “the kind of hatred that we have.”

“If we do not stop these kind of attacks, we will see a new civil war,” Sanders concluded.

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