U.S. companies say China bans some vape products as war intensifies

The U.K. has banned e-cigarettes from retail sales and some products such as the Vape Wild brand from the country’s most popular vape shop, while the Chinese government has ordered the shuttering of several vape shops and bans on other products.

China’s Ministry of Commerce on Thursday banned sales of vape devices, including some made by the U.A.E.-based e-cigarette company Vaporwave.

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday it was concerned about the importation of vape products.

In addition to the Vapewild store, some other U.KS. stores that carry vapor products have been closed, and vape shops have been banned from importing items, the U,K.

news agency Reuters reported.

Vaporwave has not responded to requests for comment.

The company has faced increased scrutiny in China over the past year after a video surfaced showing a customer trying to buy a vape product at an outlet in the city of Shenzhen.

The U.N. Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Nisha Jha, said in a report published this month that Chinese authorities had “infiltrated the marketplace of the internet” to “harass the public” and “promote the political and ideological interests of the government.”

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