Apple’s new iOS 7 will make you talk more

Apple has quietly introduced a new iOS version that will make users talk more.

Apple’s new version, iOS 7.0.1, is rolling out today to users on both Macs and iPhones.

The new iOS update comes just ahead of the company’s new Mac Pro and Mac Mini, which are due to ship this summer.

According to a note on Apple’s iOS Developer Center, the update will allow iOS users to talk in apps like iMessage and Siri without having to switch apps to switch the microphone.

The new iOS feature is available to users of the new iPad Pro, the new iPhone 6S, and the new MacBook Pro.

It will also be available to iPad and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users.

Users of Macs will also see the new feature, as Apple is introducing an updated macOS Sierra update to macOS High Sierra later this month.

Mac users will also get new tools for using iMessage.

The Mac App Store will include new support for Apple’s iMessage app and a new app that will send messages to the Macs.

Apple also recently added a new tool for using FaceTime video calls, as well as a new way to open the camera on an iPhone.iOS 7.1 also brings a slew of other improvements and bug fixes, including support for macOS Sierra, a new emoji font, support for the new “Home Screen” in Safari, improved stability in macOS Sierra’s video playback, a fix for an issue that caused some users to experience a black screen when they were trying to access an iCloud account in Safari and other Apple software, and support for new fonts for the Apple Watch.iOS 6.0 and earlier had a slew the other major iOS features included in iOS 7, but the update is focused on features like Siri and iMessage that were introduced in iOS 6.1.

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