Tile tracking device turns your smartphone into a smartwatch

TEMPE, Arizona — A small tile tracking device is making its way into smartphones and tablets.

The TileTrack can scan your entire face and scan your fingers and toes for a specific type of marker.

“It will scan your whole face,” said Tania Stolte, a product manager for TileTrack, a company that sells the device.

You will see a tiny dot that says ‘touch me’ or ‘I am here.’

The dot is a virtual “ticker” that will tell you what type of tile it is.

Stolte says it will be up to you to pick a color for the dot.

You can also use a touch to move the dot, tap it to turn it on or off.

To track the location of the dot on your face, the TileTrack has a sensor that uses infrared light.

It then scans your face using infrared light and detects your fingerprints and other bodily fluids.

The TileTracker works by scanning your face for certain types of markers.

Its software then sends a tiny infrared dot to your smartphone, and you will be able to pick out the tile on the face.

The company sells the TileTracker at retailers and online.

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