A new Android app lets you track a car and tell its owner when it’s been stolen

Hacker News – A new app called Vehicle Tracking Device lets users track a vehicle and warn its owner if it’s stolen, the developer revealed. 

The app uses GPS-enabled cameras on Android phones to provide the owner with a digital image of the vehicle’s position, as well as its location and speed.

If the owner suspects the car is being stolen, they can use the app to send an alert to the owner’s mobile phone, or send a text message to the car’s owner.

The app also lets users see how the vehicle is behaving, which will be displayed on a screen as well.

The developer of Vehicle Tracking device told Android Police that he plans to release a commercial version of the app that would allow users to monitor a car remotely, so that they can check its location on a map, for example. 

It’s unclear if the app will be able to track cars remotely, though, and the developer said that the app isn’t currently working on an iOS version. 

According to the developer, the app has a variety of functions, including being able to read phone logs, track the location of a vehicle, and determine if it has been damaged or stolen.

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