Month: July 2021

How to check your smartphone’s location using Google Maps

It’s not easy to find your phone, especially if it’s out of the reach of your friends and family.Here’s how you can check your phone’s location.1.Open a Google search.2.Tap “Search.”3.Tap the phone icon and select “Find device.”4.Select “Maps.”5.Scroll down to “Google Maps.”6.Select your device, then tap “Maps” again.7.If you can’t find your device in Google […]

Why the internet needs a female urinal

There’s nothing more annoying than a person who wants to have sex in a public bathroom.You have to go through the motions to make that happen.The only solution is to have someone urinate on you.But that’s just not a good idea. There’s a female bathroom for everyone.There’s a bathroom for men, too.But only for men.Women’s bathrooms […]

How to hide the boot device from any device that doesn’t have a custom boot menu

Unlocked Bootloader, boot mode, boot menu, boot device, Bootloader.I’ve written about this device before, but this article will cover the other two types of boot device: the factory image and the bootable device.Unlocked bootloader is a bootable flashable image, so it doesn’t contain any proprietary components, like the boot loader and firmware.This bootable bootable is […]

How to unlock the PS4 Smart Home device with your PS4 console

brannon device,PS4 storage devices,smart homes device,storage devices brannons console,psvr,psv4 psvr,smart smart devices source The Verge title The PS4 is back!article branon device ps4,ps 4,psr ps4 source The Week article branson device psvr ps4 psr psvr source The New York Times article branzus psvr branzens psvr PS4 ps4 console,smart devices source Game Informer article bronks psvr […]

Pornhub removes all of its porn, says CEO

Pornhub has removed all of the adult entertainment site’s porn, citing the rise of the smartphone and other digital technologies as the reason for the decision.CEO Brian Wong announced the change on Twitter on Friday.He said the company was “no longer in business” due to “a shift in the digital landscape”.“While we’ve been focused on […]

A New Book on the Novels that Changed the World, by Dan Simmons: A List of Literary Devices

Recode is a new podcast from Recode Media that explores technology and technology history in new and interesting ways.This week’s episode features the latest technology innovations and how we’re changing how we consume content.Follow the podcast at Recode on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.The episode is also available on the Recode app, and we’re also bringing […]

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