Month: August 2021

‘The Disney Channel’ to make its own version of Facebook device unlock

Disney Channel announced Wednesday that it will make its new Disney Plus devices, which allow users to unlock their mobile devices for entertainment, music and other purposes, in a bid to boost its revenue.The company said it will roll out a device-unlocking service for its Disney Plus apps for smartphones, tablets and other devices, starting […]

‘I am not a racist’: Black woman on how to use racial tropes

On Saturday, the BBC’s World Service hosted an exclusive interview with an African-American woman who uses a racial trope to communicate her political beliefs.In this exclusive video, Nessa Davis describes how she uses this rhetorical device in order to convey her political views and how she has developed an audience in the process.Davis, who is […]

How to Find Your Verizon Hotspot Device from Anywhere on the Web

Verizon is rolling out a new feature to the Verizon Hotspots app for Android devices.The feature allows users to find and locate their devices by location.Users can enter their Verizon address and select “Find My Device” from the dropdown menu.From there, the user can see the devices location, and if it’s within range, they can […]

Ventricular assist devices that could help improve the quality of life

The ventricular device is an artificial heart that delivers oxygen to the heart.It can be a lifesaving device, and it’s often used to improve the health of those who have it.But when you look at its history, the ventricular assists have not always been successful.In fact, it is estimated that about 2.3 million Americans have […]

How to handle the NSA’s collection of your phone data, documents show

How to use the NSA phone tracking program without breaking the law: the docs.The documents show that the NSA is also collecting phone metadata — like the number dialed, duration of call, duration, time and duration of each call — as well as call records, text messages, audio recordings and even video recordings.“It appears to […]

What you need to know about PNEUMATIC CIRCULATION DEVICE

PNEOMATIC CROSSTAGE DEVICE, also known as the backflow device, is a device that measures blood pressure.The device consists of a small vacuum pump that uses a pump to suck up blood from the abdomen, then a tube attached to the pump.The pump pulls blood into the tube, which is attached to a device called a […]

Sprint’s voice box devices can restore your voice after voice box failure

Sprint, one of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S., said Thursday it will start selling a voice box for people who have lost their voice box after a malfunction.The company said it will be available in select markets this fall.Sprint said it is the first major carrier to introduce a voice replacement device for […]

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