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How to Use Google Translate to Get Away with Murder

The phrase “car tracking” sounds like a catchy, funny joke.But in real life, the car tracking device you see on your smartphone is a real car tracking system that’s secretly listening for your every move.This is called a car tracking phone and it can track every move you make, including the distance you’re traveling, your […]

U.S. companies say China bans some vape products as war intensifies

The U.K. has banned e-cigarettes from retail sales and some products such as the Vape Wild brand from the country’s most popular vape shop, while the Chinese government has ordered the shuttering of several vape shops and bans on other products.China’s Ministry of Commerce on Thursday banned sales of vape devices, including some made by […]

How to avoid being monitored and tracked by car tracking devices

If you’ve ever had to worry about car tracking, it can be a terrifying prospect.Car tracking devices, often called car-hacking devices, track your movements, track you and share your location with police, companies and governments, making it easy for anyone to track you even if you don’t know where you are.The devices also give the […]

Blood Pressure Device Lets You Find Your Blood Pressure in Seconds

Definition: A blood pressure device uses sensors to measure the amount of pressure in your blood and determine your heart rate.It’s a common device used in hospitals and other health care settings, such as dialysis clinics.How to use: To use a blood pressure sensor, you must be wearing a medical device that allows you to […]

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