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Sprint’s voice box devices can restore your voice after voice box failure

Sprint, one of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S., said Thursday it will start selling a voice box for people who have lost their voice box after a malfunction.The company said it will be available in select markets this fall.Sprint said it is the first major carrier to introduce a voice replacement device for […]

When Will the Translator Become a Translator Device?

Translator devices have always been the ultimate luxury.The Translator, a $1,100 device that attaches to your shirt and is able to read the words on your lips or your lips and lips and translate them into English, is an expensive luxury.Now, the Translators are becoming a reality.This month, Google introduced a $100 translator device called […]

What’s New in iOS 11: What’s new in the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system

Apple released iOS 11 on Sunday, but some iOS 11 users say it isn’t a major upgrade to iOS 10.Some have reported a crash or crash bug, but Apple hasn’t confirmed these reports, which prompted many users to share their experience.“I have not seen a major update for iOS 11,” said David Stitt, a longtime […]

When will Google finally remove the iPhone 6S from the App Store?

Google has just confirmed that the iPhone 7 will be available for download on the App store, meaning that Apple can no longer use it as a way to promote the iPhone.The iPhone 7 is not only a completely new product, but it’s also an entirely different animal from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. […]

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