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5 ways to avoid the ring at your next sleep party

When I’m having trouble sleeping, my eyes start to sting.This is usually because I’m sleeping with my eyes closed.But it can also be caused by something as simple as not wearing a proper mask.If you’ve ever been stuck in a car or train tunnel, the problem is even worse.And it’s a lot more common than […]

What’s New in iOS 11: What’s new in the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system

Apple released iOS 11 on Sunday, but some iOS 11 users say it isn’t a major upgrade to iOS 10.Some have reported a crash or crash bug, but Apple hasn’t confirmed these reports, which prompted many users to share their experience.“I have not seen a major update for iOS 11,” said David Stitt, a longtime […]

Hulu manage to make the world a better place through its device for torture, report says

HULU managed to make an incredible device that can make the entire world a more peaceful place.It’s called the HULULABRIZ, and it lets users control their televisions, smartphones, and computers from a remote location.The HULABRIZ allows users to control their TVs, smartphones and computers, and even have them turn on, turn off, or mute the […]

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