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‘I am not a racist’: Black woman on how to use racial tropes

On Saturday, the BBC’s World Service hosted an exclusive interview with an African-American woman who uses a racial trope to communicate her political beliefs.In this exclusive video, Nessa Davis describes how she uses this rhetorical device in order to convey her political views and how she has developed an audience in the process.Davis, who is […]

When Will the Translator Become a Translator Device?

Translator devices have always been the ultimate luxury.The Translator, a $1,100 device that attaches to your shirt and is able to read the words on your lips or your lips and lips and translate them into English, is an expensive luxury.Now, the Translators are becoming a reality.This month, Google introduced a $100 translator device called […]

‘I am a feminist’: What you need to know about ‘Feminism is not a label’

A feminist is someone who advocates for gender equality.It means that they support equal rights for women and girls, but they also advocate for gender equity, equality of opportunities and gender equality in society.The word means ‘equal’.That’s why you should be careful when you use it.Some people have used the word feminism to describe a […]

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