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Tile tracking device turns your smartphone into a smartwatch

TEMPE, Arizona — A small tile tracking device is making its way into smartphones and tablets.The TileTrack can scan your entire face and scan your fingers and toes for a specific type of marker.“It will scan your whole face,” said Tania Stolte, a product manager for TileTrack, a company that sells the device.You will see […]

How to Find and Buy the Best Literary Devices

When you need an advanced, stylistic device that’ll make your voice sound more natural, but won’t cost a fortune, the Amazon Streaming device may be right up your alley.And while it may not be as expensive as the best in-house devices like the Echo Show, its more affordable than the Echo, which is also a […]

When you’re a girl, there’s only one way to go – this is what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry

We’re often asked to define what it is to be female in a man-dominated society, and it’s not easy to do.But that’s precisely the point.We’re used to hearing that women in tech are “marginalised” and “less powerful”.But if you look closely at how the tech industry treats women, it’s a completely different story.There’s no room […]

Ventricular assist devices that could help improve the quality of life

The ventricular device is an artificial heart that delivers oxygen to the heart.It can be a lifesaving device, and it’s often used to improve the health of those who have it.But when you look at its history, the ventricular assists have not always been successful.In fact, it is estimated that about 2.3 million Americans have […]

The Hamptons: New York’s hottest vacation destinations

New York is getting some much-needed attention for its outdoor life.There are new resorts and a new “dive” at the famous Pompano Beach.But this summer, a group of young men are setting the bar even higher: They’re setting the Hampton Islands apart from the rest of the world by offering up to $1 million in […]

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