Why you should upgrade your digital camera

You’re probably used to watching movies, and the latest in digital cinema is probably The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.But if you’ve got a mifi-enabled smart device, you can stream movies and video to the device, too.If you don’t, you may want to upgrade to a more powerful, higher-resolution, more-expensive device.For example, if you’re looking […]

How to change your laptop to a USB drive, and then back, for free

How do you get a computer or laptop into a USB storage device?You plug it into your computer, right?Well, that’s not always the case.The way to do it is by attaching a USB cable to the computer, and allowing the computer to automatically create a USB disk.Then, when you’re ready to transfer files, the computer […]

How to discover the inscrutable mysteries of a quantum device

CBS News has discovered that there are some incredibly important secrets that are only being discovered by scientists.In a series of articles, we look at some of these mysteries and how they can be solved.The first was discovered in 2009 by a team of physicists working at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Japan.They were […]

How do I disable the EOL of my phone or tablet?

Google has started a new feature to prevent the ELL from triggering after the manufacturer has already closed the device.This means that if you’ve purchased a phone, tablet or other device with a warranty and you’ve not received your device back, the EO won’t trigger and it will be locked down. You can still access the […]

AstroScript 3 is the next version of APEX: APEX review

Astropoints is the online marketplace for electronic and electronic-related books and magazines, magazines, periodicals and periodicals-related products and services.It offers a wide range of products and service, including electronic books, electronic magazines, electronic journals, ebooks, e-books for sale, electronic periodicals, electronic news, electronic and print books, audiobooks, audio books, audio-visual books, print and electronic magazines […]

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