How to manage media streaming and media players on Android device manager

If you use a media player on Android, it will appear on your device’s home screen when you tap the home button on the bottom.But it will not automatically play your media.You will need to manage it manually.This is a little-known feature of Android that can be a little confusing at first.You can manually manage […]

Tile tracking device turns your smartphone into a smartwatch

TEMPE, Arizona — A small tile tracking device is making its way into smartphones and tablets.The TileTrack can scan your entire face and scan your fingers and toes for a specific type of marker.“It will scan your whole face,” said Tania Stolte, a product manager for TileTrack, a company that sells the device.You will see […]

Which Linux hardware makers are using the latest alpha stim device?

TechCrunch’s Alpha Stim device is a Linux device that will automatically start up the audio device on demand when it detects a certain kind of audio signal.The Alpha Stim is essentially a Raspberry Pi powered by the Linux kernel.The device has the ability to scan a Linux system and determine if it’s connected to a […]

How to Find and Buy the Best Literary Devices

When you need an advanced, stylistic device that’ll make your voice sound more natural, but won’t cost a fortune, the Amazon Streaming device may be right up your alley.And while it may not be as expensive as the best in-house devices like the Echo Show, its more affordable than the Echo, which is also a […]

How to use the best listening devices

The most common listening devices are the hearing devices (HMDs), portable electronic devices that emit sound in a similar fashion to a sound card, and the Ozone Meter (OM), which measures the oxygen content in the air.The Ozone Meters have become the go-to device for the audiophiles who want to listen to audiophones or other […]

When you’re a girl, there’s only one way to go – this is what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry

We’re often asked to define what it is to be female in a man-dominated society, and it’s not easy to do.But that’s precisely the point.We’re used to hearing that women in tech are “marginalised” and “less powerful”.But if you look closely at how the tech industry treats women, it’s a completely different story.There’s no room […]

What you need to know about the new iPhone X and XS models

The new iPhones come with a slew of new features.They include the biggest overhaul to the iPhone’s UI in years, and the first phone to use Apple’s much-loved Face ID technology.Apple also makes the iPhone X available in a more compact and streamlined design, and introduces a new, optional, charging dock.Read more

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