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Which Linux hardware makers are using the latest alpha stim device?

TechCrunch’s Alpha Stim device is a Linux device that will automatically start up the audio device on demand when it detects a certain kind of audio signal.The Alpha Stim is essentially a Raspberry Pi powered by the Linux kernel.The device has the ability to scan a Linux system and determine if it’s connected to a […]

When you’re a girl, there’s only one way to go – this is what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry

We’re often asked to define what it is to be female in a man-dominated society, and it’s not easy to do.But that’s precisely the point.We’re used to hearing that women in tech are “marginalised” and “less powerful”.But if you look closely at how the tech industry treats women, it’s a completely different story.There’s no room […]

How to get a better view of how you’re getting your money when you buy Google products

Google’s latest initiative to track your spending has been called the “Google Card.”The Google Card, which is being rolled out across all of Google’s retail stores, will allow shoppers to check out Google products without ever leaving the store, and will give them access to more personalized information about their purchases.In addition to tracking when […]

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